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Satyananda Yoga Integration & Teacher Training Course

About Satyananda Yoga
  • Satyananda Yoga is based on traditional wisdom and teachings that are fine-tuned and re-evaluated by a Master, Swami Satyananda Saraswati and his successor Swami Niranjanananda, to serve present needs. It is alive.
  • It provides tools for individuals to enhance their skills for living, and to be responsible contributors to the development of human society.
  • It offers a holistic approach which provides ways for individuals to integrate all aspects of their being - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical ("head, heart and hand").
  • It awakens creative potential and encourages self-exploration.
"If you dedicate yourself completely to the task of teaching yoga, it will be easy to express the positive side of your personality. Remember, that every effort you make to teach yoga will become immortal".

Paramahamsa Satyananda Saraswati

Satyananda Integration Teacher Training Course


Satyananda Teacher Training Course

About the Satyananda Yoga Teacher Training Course
This course comprises: a one month residential or 2 x 2 week residentials, and 16 residential weekends over a two year period.

Prospective applicants will need to have been practising yoga for a minimum of four years on a regular basis, be committed to attending a weekly class for the duration of the course and be familiar with the techniques of Satyananda Yoga. This course is designed to train the participants to teach yoga, and therefore pre-supposes that they are already familiar with the practices before starting the course.

The residential component of the Course provide a wonderful opportunity to experience Yogic lifestyle.

Swami Vedantananda is not planning to deliver a Teacher training course at the moment, however, if you are interested in Satyananda Yoga teacher training please email or write to her:
Poio do Acor, Altura das Corchas,
CCI 969, Monchique 8550-207,
Algarve, Portugal

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